Sunday, July 26, 2009

self MOTIVATED Leos to "reach the unreached"

The word ‘de-motivation’ is not in our dictionary. We can’t afford to be de-motivated because we happen to go through that phase everyday. Waking up late with alarm not working, getting late to catch the bus, assignments late, deadlines almost missed, plus PC is busted with all details not backed up, just when you are about to make an urgent phone call, the mobile is disconnected, you get blasted by your boss for some fault you didn’t do and your friend gets credit for the work you did… and the list goes on…

In a world full of de-motivation, we don’t get to be de-motivated, specially if we happen to be engaged in a volunteer service organization… We Leos should have the enthusiasm to strive for the hype to create that difference will build a life of a less fortunate…

We joined a team to share one common vision of serving the community, sharing the same vision is essential to reach one goal as a team and to reach the unreached as one focus without any individual expectations for the team to go a long way.

There are moments where we have to forgoe certain individual expectations, attitudes and beliefs to work together to give a hand to someone who needs hand… We are motivators who should take the step forward towards people who really need to be motivated…

As Leos there are times we don't get recognized and appreciated. We need to go back to our focus, look ahead of where we want to be... At the end of the day, we cant expect our team members to praise us on a project we did or thank us for coming to a meeting on time… want our team mates praising us on doing a project right... The recognition and appreciation is way below than the sense of satisfaction we feel of seeing a smile of a kid you've reached...

After all the golden rules always comes in handy... you can’t demand respect and recognition... you have to earn it!!!!

A new year with a new beginning with many new faces expected... It’s a year of expectation, happiness, inspirations and hopes which leads to one word "SERVICE"

with the motto "Reach the unreached"


we are leos of moratuwa orient

we are leos of moratuwa orient
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