Friday, September 25, 2009

its all about good spirits and friendship... Lions Roar 2009

Lions Roar 2009 came to an end on 19th September 2009 midnight… I’m sure all of us had something to take back that night other than the loud echo with extremely loud off pitched singing ;) It was deffa a mixture between breath taking performances to absolutely hilarious. But at the end of the day it’s the synergy of Leos and Lions joining hands to do something different than “service first” Not all of us can sing, nor all of us can dance, its just an attempt to perform in front of your own people and enjoy to fullest(some did it for the first time in their lives)

I heard lot of compliments for a great show as well as lot of complaints for headaches for loud singing that sucks. But it was clear that many enjoyed in their own way except for a very few… After all it’s not everyday we see the Chief Guest dancing on stage nor audience clapping for off beat dancing. I admit there were many flaws on our end for starters we never started on time. But that was an opportunity to many participants who missed the practice session with the group. Band Leader said “teaching these people to sing on track is like teaching horses with broken legs to run a race” But I’m also sure that he would have never had such a hyped crowd jumping on to the stage and dancing for any concerts they played for.

I’m glad that all of us see things crystal clear except for a very few of us who were actually great performers but decided to back off at the last moment. In basic terms a team means “Together Everyone Achieves More” but there are certain times when attempts are taken to step back by certain people, naturally the rest move forward. Sometimes concerned, sometimes pretty much unconcerned ;) Sometimes TEAM doesn’t have to be your own club members, when they ditch you, the courage is given by others around you who naturally become a part of your team… at the end, it’s the ultimate result which gives credit to everyone who were a part of the team… for those who stepped aside, sorry to say they will have to prove they are worth a chance… they missed a chance to be a part of the family, they missed the chance of being a part of friendship and good spirits… most of all they missed the chance of being apart of the best Lions Roar ever…


we are leos of moratuwa orient

we are leos of moratuwa orient
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