Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new dawn… a new era… a new beginning…

“Our Club is like a computer system... there are different kinds of softwares… some are vital for existence… some existing softwares are not compatible with highly automated new softwares… there are some softwares which after installation we realize its virus… by the time we realize it, some softwares in the system are already affected.. We have no choice than un-installing these softwares along with cleaning the virus” quoted by President Leo Dilhari…

It was not easy… Not at all easy when half of the softwares were affected with virus… But still the system keeps running when the vital organs are up and active, how can it NOT when we have a superb virus guard to scan and clean… he he

Sometimes doing the correct thing gives us courage to go on… go on to be the best with a strength we had never before… If anyone noticed the 7 of us who were behind “diffracted” would have noticed the sleepless nights and strain behind the smiling faces… Empty pockets and last minute pressurized drama… Also if anyone noticed closely it must have been clear to see the happy faces tied with a true bond of spirit and friendship….

Someone said “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
Here we are… with the same pace, same charisma and same spirit… only better with 7 new talented softwares installed ;)

Here we are…. we've just begun
and after all this time… our time has come
Here we are … still going' strong
Right here in the place where we belong…


we are leos of moratuwa orient

we are leos of moratuwa orient
its us...

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